Amongst breathtaking scenery, Obonjan naturally rejuvenates bodies, minds and souls. Reward yourself with unique experiences of yoga, meditation, fitness and sport in stunning locations across the island.


Fresh and organic produce, there’s tons to tempt.

Obonjan's wellness and restoration programme

There’s an open and inclusive programme of wellbeing activities day and night across Obonjan, from sunrise yoga to moonbathing, for people of all levels and ability...

Balance your senses

Reconnect with nature as you practice yoga in breathtaking surroundings, improving your strength and flexibility. Choose from a varied yoga programme led by world renowned teachers and curated with incredible studios and collectives from around Europe. Obonjan’s yoga platforms overlook the surrounding waters, and classes also take place around the pool, with an abundance of classes you can practice from sunrise to moonrise.

Refresh and revitalise

Refresh and revitalise your senses by indulging in a blissful treatment at The Zen Den, Obonjan’s dedicated serenity zone. Ranging from holistic therapies and crystal hot stones to deep tissue massage and Ayurvedic specialities, there’s range of enticing options.

Awaken your senses

You can naturally enhance your wellbeing by soaking up the fresh sea air and fragrant pine forest, or awaken your mind in one of Obonjan's island meditation sessions.

Set a fresh pace

Want to shape up? No problem, the island offers nutrition advice, watersports and a variety of fitness classes, including nature-inspired circuit training, dance sessions and boxing. You can also break a sweat with a morning workout at The Pavilion and race towards your fitness goals with the help of a professional personal trainer. If you’re still feeling energetic, there’s also a running track that weaves through the pine trees. Don’t forget to pack your trainers.