Obonjan is an island of outstanding natural beauty and marine life that needs to be preserved for many years to come. Although only in it’s second year, the island has many plans underway to protect the landscapes and seas that house the island. Read more from Obonjan below:

“We acknowledge the islands outstanding natural landscapes and intend to safeguard them in the years to come. By partnering with Dvokut, a Croatian company of environmental experts, we have funded a full marine and terrestrial biodiversity study. Were learning from its findings and plan to work with Eden Lab to install a well-informed environmental management plan. We also intend to create full carbon audits and carbon management procedures that will inform future initiatives.

In the long term, we intend to host pioneering research on the island, focusing on the need for environmentally sensitive tourism development. Various Not-For-Profit organisations are already helping us. The Carbon Free Group are assisting with the development of a Renewable Energy Strategy, which will embed itself into the island over the forthcoming years. WasteAid UK is enabling us to refine our Waste Management Strategy, and well be making improvements regarding recycling this year. Šibenik municipality and local NGOs will link us with organic food and beverage producers and various environmentally-aware businesses in the region, with a long-term view to promoting Obonjan and the Šibenik region as a world-leading destination for sustainable tourism.

Despite our good intentions, island living brings particular challenges, and we have to manage our scarce resources carefully. With this in mind, we encourage our staff and guests to consider how their actions affect the environment and the health of the island. Were also hoping to work with our suppliers to reduce consumption, particularly when it would otherwise be wasteful or polluting. In a similar vein, we’ve already worked with Slovenian partners to source eco-friendly accommodation that minimises permanent disruption to the island. With the assistance of expert consultants in the field of sustainable tourism, we are also looking to install a bespoke, organic waste treatment plant, and, with the intention of regenerating and improving the quality of the islands soil, will compost all the organic matter from food and other waste.

The island is a magical spot with a unique history. It will outlast us all, but were looking forward to being a part of its future.”