With sparking bays and unspoilt views, Obonjan has always been beautiful. Now there’s also sun-kissed bars and restaurants, unique and hidden music venues, a wellness sanctuary, open-air pool, custom-made accommodation, and a little row of boutiques and shops. From the North to the South, East to the West, each area has its own distinct vibe. Find out more on what your island has to discover below:


Soon after setting sail from Šibenik, the eastern shore of Obonjan appears on the horizon. Arrive at the stunning East Harbour; one of our main EE venues for some of the best day parties and where you’ll find yourself regularly dancing late into the early hours. Nestle in amongst the sun loungers. Borrow an inflatable pineapple and jump in the sea. Devour some seasonal tapas at BOK. Party to some of EE’s biggest DJs and explore to find yourself at the incredible stone-built Amphitheatre, which is set to host some great live acts with a stunning sparkling backdrop of Adriatic.


The Pavilion is Obonjan’s beating heart, an open-walled hotbed of conversation, cinema, DJ interviews and comedy. Order a pizza or a freshly cooked curry. Take a relaxing snooze under the pines. Stir from your slumber and head to the sunset bar to watch the light dip over the horizon.


Rise with the birds to hit the running track that hugs the northern shore. Stop by Market Street for some island essentials. Stroll to the island’s highest point to take in the view from The Kitchen, Obonjan’s poolside restaurant. Lay down your towel at the serene island pool. Order a drink, order another one. As dusk settles, discover the hidden forest bar, a cosy woodland clearing that’s your new local, the home of island dancing, and the reason you’ll be staying up a little later than planned…


The south of the island delivers tranquillity, rest and recuperation. Feel better with a blissful treatment at The Zen Den. Order a nutritious smoothie or salad from The Green Bar. Take a yoga class in the forest. Dive to the bottom of the sea, snorkel among the fish. As night falls, telescopes appear on the rocks. Astronomers are talking about the cosmos. Home life feels light years away.