Kool Clap

Put your hands together for Kool Clap, the new producer riding a fresh wave of funk from France’s capital.  Stream Love Swing in full now before his flowing 6 track, 20 minute long ‘Polychrome’ EP drops.

Raised on a diet of equal parts Roulé, Crydamoure, NY boogie and the sample sonics of Madlib and Dilla, KC is not considered a newcomer at Numbers HQ. He has been moving between Paris, London and Glasgow, guided through late night sessions with Spencer and Jackmaster via multiple studios, two stolen laptops and a heap of Parisian haze.

The main ingredients in Kool Clap’s kit are his keen ear for a sample, classic drum boxes, EMU SP-1200’s and tweaked out analogue synths – including the presence of the very Korg Trident that provided the bassline to Braxe and Bangalter’s Stardust megahit ‘Music Sounds Better With You’.
Standby for more music to follow and if you’re in Paris – Kool Clap plays live at the RBMA opening party this Sunday, joining Pepe Bradock, François K, Just Blaze, and some very special guests at Badaboum.