Obonjan Island house rules are created with you in mind and to ensure that our guests have an amazing stay on the Island. We don’t anticipate there will be any problems but for your safety on and enjoyment of the Island we respectfully ask that you adhere to their House Rules.

1. Arrival on the Island and departure


1.1 The reception is opened 24 hours, 7 days per week. The telephone number for reception, should you need it is +385 95 7332 213. Local tourist information is available at reception. For more information about the Island or the surrounding areas please do not hesitate to speak to the reception staff.

1.2 Each guest is required to register at the reception desk (the white building adjacent to the east harbour) with personal identification documents. Once you have registered, you will need to go to the Cash Office located next to reception building to receive a RFID wristband (Wristband). A refundable deposit is payable for the Wristband at the time it is given to you.

Arrival and Departure

1.3 Your accommodation will be available from 3pm on the day of your arrival and you are requested to vacate your accommodation by 10.30am on the day of your departure. Failure to vacate your accommodation by this time may result in an extra charge being applied to your stay. If you wish to extend your stay, please contact reception by 13.00pm on the day prior to your original departure date.

2. Cashless Payment System

2.1 For your convenience, we operate a cashless RFID system via the Wristband given to you at the Cash Office. After checking in, guests are advised to top up their Wristband at the Cash Office. The Cash Office is open daily between 10am and 2am. Please note, refunds for amounts remaining on your Wristband at the end of you stay and the refundable deposit can only be processed at the Cash Office.

2.2 It is advisable to wear your Wristband at all times during your stay.

3. Safety and smoking


3.1 Given the Island’s environment, it is essential that cigarettes are completely stubbed out and disposed of in one of the bins around the Island. Please do not throw cigarette ends on the ground or into the woodland. In the unlikely event of a natural fire please report this to reception or a member of staff immediately.

3.2 Obonjan operate a strict “No Smoking” policy within the buildings, restaurants, bars accommodation and restaurant terraces on the Island. If we discover that you have breached this rule we reserve the right to charge you €100 for professional cleaning and/or the replacement of any linens, fabrics and floor coverings in the polluted areas.

Fire safety

3.3 Due to the serious danger a fire would cause on the Island, fires of any nature and barbeques are strictly prohibited. Any guest found with a fire or using a barbeque will be required to leave the Island and no refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances.


3.4 In the unlikely event of evacuation being deemed necessary please follow the staff’s instructions in a calm and controlled manner.

4. Security and valuables

4.1 For guests staying in bell tents, we recommend storing valuable items in the safety deposit boxes located within the reception building which can be rented for a small charge. Safes are available in each Forest Lodge.

4.2 Obonjan & Electric Elephant accept no responsibility or liability for any inconvenience, injury, loss and/or damage caused to any person or property whilst on the Island. We are not responsible for the security of possessions or property on the Island. These are brought to the Island entirely at your own risk.

5. Noise

5.1 Please think of other guests whilst on the Island and keep noise within your accommodation to a minimum between the hours of midnight and 8.00am. When returning to your accommodation at night, please remember other guests may be asleep.

5.2 Audio equipment may only be used within the accommodation and at a level that does not disturb other guests.

6. Cleanliness

6.1 Obonjan make every effort to keep our welfare facilities clean and tidy and ask for your assistance in maintaining this standard by using the refuse and recycling bins and chemical disposal points provided.

6.2 Obonjan strive to operate an environmentally friendly Island so please recycle as much of your rubbish as you can. Please put all non-recyclable rubbish in plastic bags with the tops tied into the bins. Please do not leave any bags beside the bins.

6.3 You are required to keep your accommodation and its surround clean and free of rubbish at all times. Rubbish (in particular discarded food and drinks) left outside your accommodation will attract pests.

6.4 Please do not tie or hang anything from your accommodation or over the trees, bushes or fencing. It is not permitted to hang washing or put up washing lines on any part of the island.

6.5 As part of Obonjan’s commitment to the environment, Obonjan would welcome your cooperation in helping to reduce unnecessary laundry and its associated environmental impact. Bed linen and towels are changed every 4 days however, if you are happy to have your bed linen and towels changed less frequently, please let reception know. The towels provided in your accommodation are for use inside your accommodation and the welfare buildings. If you require a clean towel before they are changed, please contact reception. Separate towels are available for the pool and east http://natureair.com/buy-caverta-online.html harbour. If you would like your accommodation cleaning by our laundry service before it is due to be, this can be arranged for the following charges: 4 person forest lodge – 115Kn; 2 person forest lodge – 90Kn; and bell tent – 70Kn. Please contact reception to arrange this service.

7. Food and drink

7.1 There are number of restaurants and bars on the Island to for you to enjoy an exciting range of food, snacks and beverages during your stay.

7.2 You are welcome to bring a limited supply of alcohol to the Island to be consumed in your accommodation only. Only food and beverages purchased from our store, restaurants or licensed bars may be consumed on the rest of the Island. We will confiscate any alcohol found on guests in breach of these rules.

7.3 Obonjan want everyone to enjoy the picturesque and tranquil setting of our Island and so we ask that you do not walk round the Island drinking alcohol.

8. Swimming at the Island

8.1 The Swimming Pool is open daily between 8am and 8pm. Swimming in the pool outside of those times is strictly prohibited.

8.2 No lifeguard is on duty at the swimming pool or at the east harbour. Guests using the swimming pool or swimming in the sea around the Island (including those areas of the sea which have been designated as swimming areas) do so at their own risk. Obonjan nor Electric Elephant accept no responsibility or liability for any accidents, injuries, damages, losses or illnesses howsoever caused to any person using the swimming pool or swimming in the sea.

8.3 No glasses, glass bottles or glass containers of any kind are permitted in or around: the swimming pool; the sea; and/or the east harbour.

9. Medical Treatment

Medical treatment is available at the medical center located behind Bok restaurant. If you require medical treatment during your stay, please visit the medical center or tell a member of our team immediately.

10. Travel arrangements

Obonjan Ferry

10.1 Guests are able to use the Obonjan passenger ferry to get to and from the Island. Charges will apply. Operating times for the ferry are available at reception.

10.2 As Obonjan is an island, you accept that travel to and from the island may be affected by weather conditions and other such factors outside our and our suppliers’ control. Accordingly, obonjan nor Electric Elephant cannot be held liable and will not pay any refunds or compensation where your ferry journey is affected by such factors. In addition, we accept no liability if you miss the last ferry to the mainland. If this occurs, you will need to arrange your own taxi boat to the mainland.

Taxi Boats

10.3 Taxi boats operate throughout the day and night at the Island. The taxi boats are operated by third party providers and the use of them is at your own risk. Obonjan nor Electric Elephant have no liability to you should you chose to use a taxi boat.

11. Terrain

11.1 Due to the untouched nature of the Island, the terrain is extremely uneven in places. Guests may explore those areas of the Island which are open to guests, but this is done strictly at their own risk. Obonjan nor Electric Elephant do not accept any liability should any injury, loss and/or damage be caused to any person in these circumstances.

11.2 Certain designated areas of the Island are strictly no entry to our guests. Obonjan nor Electric Elephant accept no liability should any injury, loss and/or damage be caused to any person resulting from a breach of this rule.
Any guest found in these areas will be required to leave the Island. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances.

12. General

12.1 If you need help, advice or assistance whilst on the Island please speak to a member of our staff who will be happy to help you. They are responsible for the smooth running of the Island and for making your stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

12.2 So everyone can enjoy our amazing Island, please follow our staff’s requests and all notices and instructions around the Island. Your health and safety is imperative to us, so please take care of yourself and others when on the Island. If you disregards these house rules and/or disrupt the enjoyment of other guests, we may ask you to leave the Island. Should this occur, no monies will be refunded to you and no compensation will be given.

12.3 In the unlikely case of a complaint, please speak to a member of staff as soon as possible, as it is important that we are given the opportunity to resolve any issues promptly.

12.4 With the exception of assistance dogs, no pets are allowed on the Island.

12.5 The use of any facilities provided, and/or the participation of any sporting or leisure pursuits/activities held, on the Island or organised by us, is entirely at your risk. Some of the activities carry a degree of risk. Neither us, nor or officers or staff, can be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, damages, losses or illness however caused.

12.6 Obonjan will endeavor to ensure that the Island and its facilities/amenities are opened for your enjoyment. They may however, without notice and without refund or compensation, change the operating hours of any facility or amenity or close any facility amenity for any reason.

12.7 Obonjan reserve the right to charge for any lost or damaged keys, remote controls and/or other equipment, fixtures, fittings and furnishings provided for guests to use in the accommodation.

12.8 Guests will be held liable for any losses, breakages or damage caused by them to the Island and/or its contents, including but not limited to any buildings, accommodation or property and/or equipment, fixtures, fittings and/or furnishings (including any items hired by guests).

12.9 Any damage to our property or accommodation must be reported immediately to a member of staff.

12.10 Guests are responsible for their own conduct on the Island and must have regard to any rules imposed by us, our staff and/or our representatives. If at any time, in our opinion, the conduct or behavior of any guest(s) is considered to be detrimental to us or our other guests, then they will be asked to leave the Island. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances.

12.11 You may not bring illegal or intoxicating substances or ?liquids, legal highs, illegal weapons, firearms, explosives, fireworks, laser pens or glass containers to the Island and Obonjan may, in their sole discretion, refuse to allow to be brought on to the Island any item considered to be dangerous or offensive.

12.12 In the interests of safety, you may be asked to submit to a search of your person or your belongings and if you are found to be in possession of materials believed to be dangerous, illegal or unsuitable such materials may be confiscated until the end of your stay or you may, in a extreme cases, be required to leave the Island. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances.

12.13 Strictly no trading or other commercial activity by any guest (including photography or filming for a commercial purpose) is allowed on the Island. If you are found to be selling any items, filming or taking photographs (for a commercial purpose) and/or trading on the Island you will be asked to leave the Island and no refund or compensation will be given.

12.14 By visiting the Island, you consent to being filmed, photographed and recorded for television, radio, webcast and other public broadcast in any medium and/or for any video or DVD as part of the audience and/or by onsite CCTV cameras and recordings for security purposes, the copyright to which shall be owned by Obonjan or our contractors without payment or compensation.

Thank you
 Electric Elephant & Obonjan Rivijera d.d.