Centrally located by the city of Šibenik along the Croatian coast, regular boat transfers will have you with us in no time from many easy access major airports and destinations such as Split and Zadar.

 By air

The closest airports to Obonjan are SPLIT or ZADAR, both are only about 1 hour away from Šibenik.

From the airports you will need to catch a transfer to Šibenik Harbour when you will then catch the boat to Obonjan for the final leg of your journey…

Airport transfers

Airport transfers from Split and Zadar  to Šibenik are available through our Croatian travel partner Shuttle Tours. To book yourself onto a group transfer Click Here. Shuttle Tours also provide private transfers which can also be booked via their website.

Island Boat

The Obonjan boat service will run multiple trips during the day and evening. The boat will dock in Šibenik harbour, opposite the bus terminal near the petrol station – it will have an Obonjan flag on board with a matching flag placed on the harbour itself.

A one-way trip should cost about 100 kuna per person

* The boat timetable & prices will be confirmed shortly

Private taxi boats

Taxi boats are between 4-500 Kuna* each way and can usually take around 4-6 passengers, depending upon the amount of luggage being carried. These can be found 

*Exact prices will depend on the boat service provider, please note these are just guidelines.

By train

Trains run from Split and northern Croatia into Šibenik railway station with international connections available. Travelling by train can be a fantastic and adventurous of making your way to Obonjan – you can read a great example of how to do so in our Journal, with links to help your journey from destinations across Europe, HERE

By bus

There are buses running from across Croatia into Šibenik bus terminal.
Journey times approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from Split and Zadar and 5 hours from Zagreb. Croatia has a very good bus network with buses available from Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik and Zagreb to Šibenik.

By car

The nearby port of Šibenik is located just off one of the main motorways in Croatia (E65). It is the coastal link between Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar and links directly to Zagreb and the north of Croatia – please note that this route incurs toll charges.

If you are driving by car, we hope you’ll consider sharing your journey with others to reduce your carbon footprint.