General Info

What is the Electric Elephant x Obonjan collaboration about?

For 2017 Electric Elephant Festival has formed a collaborative partnership with Obonjan Island. This year customers can enjoy incredible DJs and live acts programmed by Electric Elephant and Obonjan, as well as a wide and varied creative programme thats runs throughout the season. This year customers are invited to book accommodation on the island via the Electric Elephant website, which in turn gives them access to all venues on the island and the music & creative programme across the 4 day and 4 nights.

What is Obonjan?

Obonjan is a private island in Croatia and a truly unique destination. It’s a mixture of wellbeing and recovery, DJs and live music, tempting food and drink, comedy, cinema, talks and workshops, art and installations, sports, and boutique retail. If all of this stimulation gets too much, you can always dive into the Adriatic Sea, take a snooze beneath the pines or hideaway to watch the sunset. With secretive coves to explore and winding paths that lead to tranquil, sun-kissed clearings, the island has a distinctly easy-going atmosphere.

How old do I have to be to attend?

Customers must be over 18 years old.

How much is my EE ticket?

This year customers will only have to pay the cost of their accommodation. This gives you access to all the venues over the 4 days and 4 nights. As well as enjoying the Electric Elephant programme guests can enjoy the other island experiences such as Yoga, Wellbeing, Food and Drink, Artist Talks & Q&A’s, Art and much much more!

How do I get to Obonjan?

From Šibenik, there are regular direct boat transfers and private taxi boats. Taxi boats should take about 45 minutes. Please see our “Getting There” page for more details.

Is there disability access?

Obonjan will do all we can to accommodate disabled visitors’ needs but we must note that the terrain could be challenging for those with specific access requirements. For more information on this please don’t hesitate to get in touch on [email protected]

What can I buy on the island of Obonjan?

You’ll be able to purchase personal necessities from our convenience store, The Corner Shop, including toiletries, pharmaceutical products, tobacco fresh fruit and any other additional food and drink items that you may need. New for 2017 the corner shop will also include a bakery and coffee shop. We also have stores offering clothing, jewellery and homewares from at She’s Lost Control, Ostali and 43°

How do you pay for things on Obonjan?

Obonjan is a cash free island – guests charge up an electronic RFID wristband with cash or card (in the local Croatian currency, Kuna). You can top up whenever you need to and refund at the end of your stay. Please note you must refund your RFID wristband prior to departure as we will be unable to do so once you’ve departed.

What are the shower and toilet facilities like?

There are different facilities available at each of our accommodation venues as well as a range of toilets around the site and in the restaurants. The tents have modern shared facilities, while the lodges are en-suite. Towels and fresh bed linens are provided for all guests.

Can I drink the water?

Water on Obonjan is perfectly safe, there are also water coolers for drinking and filling up your S’well bottles across the island. Please be mindful about wasting water. Try to avoid super long showers and don’t run the tap while your brushing your teeth!

Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

Obonjan endeavours to cater to all dietary requirements and provide alternatives and substitutions where available. Although there currently isn’t one outlet dedicated solely to vegetarian or vegan dining, there will be vegetarian and vegan options at all of our restaurants.

Can I bring my own food to the island?

Guests can bring their own food but we are trying very hard to support local produce, ethical business and other eco-friendly services and we’d love our guests to do the same.

Can I bring my pet?

To better preserve the ecology of the island, no pets are permitted.

How late does music go on to?

Venue times vary over the 4 days of Electric Elephant. Most nights run till 3AM with late night bars running till even later in to the morning.

Food and drink, individual spa treatments and off island excursions are charged separately.

What else can i do on the island?

As well as a full programme of live music & DJs, there is group wellbeing sessions, comedy, cinema, talks and workshops which you can experience during your stay.

Food and drink, individual spa treatments and off island excursions are charged separately.

What else is there to do outside of the festival?

If you fancy leaving the island there are daily boats that can take you over to Šibenik.

For more information on Šibenik. Click Here.

Can I make a camp-fire or BBQ?

No. Obonjan is densely wooded and the land can become very dry in the heat. Add to that a sea breeze, and an open fire could very quickly spread out of control. Please do not light any fires and if you see someone doing so, ask them to extinguish it immediately. Similarly for smokers, there’s no smoking in your accommodation, any buildings and restaurant terraces. Please be considerate of others and dispose of spent cigarettes in ashtrays.

I can’t go anymore can I get a refund?

Please see terms and conditions.

 Can we bring our own drinks onto the boat parties?

No, unfortunately not

I can’t go anymore – can I get a refund?

Please see booking terms and conditions

Have we missed anything?

If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at [email protected].